How many items can I list?
You can currently list up to 10 items on your account.
How long are listings active for?
Listings can be set to be active for 1, 2 or 4 weeks.
How do I list an item?
To list an item you will need a JDBay account, you can click here to register an account.
Are there any fees for listing items?
No, JDBay is a free service for listing all types of Airsoft Equipment.
How do I pay for an item?
All transactions are to be discussed and carried out between the seller and the buyer of the item. Please note that JDBay hold no responsibility for purchases made via this site, we can not recover your money.
I have a JD Airsoft account can I login to JDBay with this?
Yes, if you are registered with JD Airsoft then you will simply need to create a username when logging into JDBay for the first time.
What do I do if I think a sellers listing is inapropriate
If you have any concerns over a seller's listing or any other issues with the website you can report a problem using our web form.
How do I know if someone has contacted me about one of my listings?
Messages from buyers are sent directly to your email address registered with us. At this point the buyer does not know your email address, you can then choose to respond to the email or not. If you respond to the email the buyer will be informed of your email address and you can discuss the sale of the item.