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PTS Masada gbbr

LISTED BY concretesnail

Sorry this listing expired on 17-07-2019 08:40:54

I am reluctantly selling my pts masada due to family and injury (non airsoft related). It is a joy to use and performance is great.
It comes with 10 magazines all of which hold their gas (I keep them partially gasses for storage).
The original magpul front end and my preferred front end which is an alloy keymod handguard with vertical grip and quick sling point.
It has a new custom bolt which is variable output, great for cqb and lower fps sites (tools included)
I have so fitted the TNT x hopup and tight bore barrel (hop key included).
It's has been cleaned and properly stored after each use and will be great fun for someone to use.

If memory serves I also have the original box tucked away for transport.

Any questions or additional pictures required please get in touch and I'll get them sorted quickly for you.
I'm Midlands based and collection would be best due to the size.

Full retail on this setup would be £1200+ and I will be very sorry to see it go, I just can't stand to see it not getting the use it deserves.