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G&G GR16 CQW Rush (Plenty of Upgrades & Extras)


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The base model is the G&G GR16 CQW Rush. I have replaced and upgraded most of the front end internals so it shoots very accurate and very far ("see internal upgrades below for list of upgrades"). It shoots around the 350fps mark depending on BB weight. Personally I use .2's and .23's depending where I'm playing.

It comes with a 552 replica sight & 3x Magnifier (flip-to-side). Which came pretty useful at some of the outdoor sites that I play at. The NURPOL NX600L Flashlight is incredibly bright and comes with the pressure switch attachment and the standard ON/OFF Attachment. (I'll also include batteries for the sight and flashlight). The PEQ Box is just a dummy, so nothing really interesting about this.

More on the internals? I replaced the standard flash hider (also comes with the package), with a full metal G&G Suppressor, which has allowed me to run my upgraded 400mm+ inner-barrel instead of the 200mm one that comes standard (also going to include this). The Prometheus 6.03mm barrel is attached to the replaced full metal Prometheus hop-up unit. (I Had to get a better alternative to the standard plastic one which snapped when fitting my new barrel). Also using a cut-to-size Prometheus flat-hop nub and Prometheus Purple Bucking.

I have a bunch of Magazines including 5x 120rd G&G Mid-Cap Magazines and a couple of Hi-Caps. The high caps may need a bit of TLC as they're a little battered.

Comes with 2 11.1v LiPo Batteries and a smart charger. Gun runs perfectly with these.


G&G GR16 CQW Rush
EoTech 552 Replica Holographic Sight
3x Flip-to-side Magnifier
AFG Style RIS Grip
Nurpol NX600L Flashlight (with Pressure Switch) - "Standard on off button also supplied"
G&G Metal Suppressor
Dummy PEQ Box
5X G&G 120rd Mid-Cap Magazines
2 or 3 450rd Hi-Cap Magazines (Need a little TLC on these)
Rush Style Flash Hider (for use with the original inner barrel as Prometheus barrel runs the length of the suppressor)

Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel (Inner barrel runs to the end of the suppressor) - "Will supply original G&G Barrel"
Prometheus Full Metal Hop-Up Unit (Rotary style around the barrel)
Prometheus Purple Hop Bucking (with Prometheus flat-hop nub)

2x 11.1v LiPo Battery with Smart Charger

Will also throw in my 1-point sling if collected

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