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Hi capa and we big bird spares

LISTED BY Titanharry

Sorry this listing expired on 07-02-2019 19:31:44

Here we have a few spares I’ve accumulated through the years. None of them work 100%.

Silver slide hicapa is believed to be the extreme variant but has an issue firing, doesn’t seem to cycle as is should could easily be a quick fix for someone however I no longer have the time.

The big bird also has a firing issue, the trigger feels squishy and doesn’t fire, you can hear the hammer working and doing everything it should but doesn’t fire, comes with its magazine

There are two spare frames, one is in pieces and one is together.
The pink slide is 100% there and works as it should, have no use for it now.
The grip also has the leaf spring and trigger.
There are a few extra springs inside the box.

I am open to offers, the we big bird comes with its magazine and the hicapas do not. I could throw one in if the price was met at £150 for everything.
I can’t post as this is a very heavy box being mostly metal but if I was offered a decent price I may post.

Thanks, Titan
79 Shannon road