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WG Super Sport 7 Series 701 4” CO2 Revolver - (8-shot Cylinder)


Sorry this listing expired on 14-02-2019 19:56:22

Condition: Owned for several years this revolver has never been skirmished. It was purchased from Land Warrior Airsoft (LWA). It still has all its original internal parts, adjustable rear sights, and the frame is built primarily of heavy metal. It stated on the LWA website that it fires at 420 FPS, however, I have never fired it through a chronograph, so I am not sure of its exact power.

Important notice: The original 6-shot cylinder has been replaced with a new 8-shot cylinder. The cylinder is a bit stiff opening and closing but that’s just because it’s new and should loosen over time. I have tested the cylinder and it functions very well, not had any issues. The original 6-shot cylinder however does not function properly as it's missing a pin that secures it to the frame when firing.

Accessories included:

- Rubberised handgrip (replaced the mock-wood plastic grip, which is not included)

- x8 spare 8-shot magazine/speed loaders

- Top and bottom Picatinny rails

- x15 Co2 capsules

- Original 6 shot cylinder – no shells included

Conclusion: This revolver is in good working condition with a brand new 8-shot cylinder and is ready to skirmish upon delivery. It is a great handgun for someone looking for a sidearm with a bit of a kick, to use for target shooting, or someone looking for a practical secondary revolver, etc.

Price and delivery: Payment can be given via PayPal or bank transfer. ('Not' looking for swaps).

- Price: £120, shipping included (Parcelforce 48)

- I am unable to offer (collection) as I live on an island.

Any questions or offers, please message me on here or call/text me.